Get certified in Financial Modelling and Valuation

Analyze financial statements and learn to create quantitative models that measure what investors care about the most!

About the course

  • Course Features
  • Course Curriculum
  • Skills Acquired
  • Career Path
  • Total Course Duration: 38 hrs

  • Financial Modelling & Valuation: 35 hrs

  • Professional skills: 3 hrs

  • Course length: 7 modules

  • 1-on-1 interview simulation with industry expert

  • Ask an expert sessions

  • Integrated Assessments

The program is crafted for students to provide them practical exposure of Financial Modelling and Valuation, help them understand and build business & valuation models. Program has been designed in a way to provide & ensures that conceptual knowledge is imparted with perfect blend of industry practices.

Successful completion of the programme will enable the students to upskill themselves and design and build business models for clients & organisations.

Know more

Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • Clearing MS Excel doubts and refreshing Excel formulas

  • Designing financial models

  • Designing revenue and expense models for various industries

  • Creating dashboards to present models in a summarised manner

  • Presenting reports using models

  • Valuation techniques

Financial Modelling as a concept is used in majority of organisation across the sectors. With cut throat competition in the market, organisation use acquiring businesses and forming joint ventures as a growth tool. This makes skills like Financial Modelling and Valuation all the more important. Industries are increasingly looking for professionals who can take raw data, organize it, make assumptions, forecast, analyze, and generate recommendations and insights. While this type of analysis has traditionally been associated with investment banking careers, it is becoming increasingly widespread and should be considered a baseline skillset for more finance jobs.

Students can look for career opportunities in domains like Investment Banking, Equity Research, Financial Planning & Analysis, Private Equity and Venture Capital to name few.

Job roles: Executive-Financial Modelling/Junior Research Analyst/Research Associate/Merger & Acquisition Associate/ Investment Banking Associate/ Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A-Junior Manager)/ Equity Research Associate/ Market Risk/Risk Management

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